The Bangkok Petit Peyton Café is located in the grounds of the Niras Bankoc Hostel and is a cool and trendy European-style café that offers some fantastic Euro and local cuisine in a bakery/café ambience. If you are looking for a cool place for a morning coffee or breakfast in Bangkok, this is the one for you.

Although the hostel, which is located in the oldest culture and commercial area in Rattanakosin, is impressive, it is a historic venue and one of the most fascinating places in Bangkok. Whether you are looking for an affordable place to stay, a top-notch coffee, a stunning breakfast or some quality sandwiches, cakes and snacks, the Bangkok Petit Peyton Café is a real find on the Bangkok dining scene.

Bangkok Dining in Historic Location

When you first see the Bangkok Petit Peyton Café, you are awe-struck by its authentic appearance that looks like a throwback to the 1800s in the city. The building where the hostel and café sites were originally built back in 1869 during the reign of King Rama IV.

The building was a grocery back in the early 1900s but had become a painting and hardware store by 1938. The building is now known as a protected heritage and conservation site and was renovated in 2008 and turned into the hostel and cafe you see today.

Top-Notch Breakfast in Bangkok

Although the history if the café is pretty impressive, you need to visit it for yourself to not only sample the quality food and drink but also to feel the atmosphere and history of the place. When it comes to chic Bangkok dining and cafes, this little gem is still a hidden surprise for some, but not for long.

The café offers a wide range of Euro and Thai cuisine delights served from 7 am to 10 pm every day. Come along to sample a stunning imported coffee or a delicate Thai tea. With all-day breakfast such as the gut-busting super Western-style breakfast and a range of sumptuous homemade snacks and lots of tasty desserts that are also made in-house, there are some great choices.

Offering the best blend of coffees in the old town area from Northern Thailand and certified organic and premium style Arabica coffees, the choice is endless… and delicious. Each cup is created to its optimum point for the highest possible quality.

If you like to eat sandwiches and cakes in an uber-chic atmosphere that harks back to bygone times, not many can match the sublime delights of the Bangkok Petit Peyton Café. As part of the Niras Bankoc Hostel, you have the best of both worlds with a modern yet quaint accommodation option and a top-notch Bangkok dining option rolled into one. Make sure you do not miss out on this hidden gem while you are here on holiday.

The Bear Travel Rating


Ambience 4 of 5 Footprints

Food Quality

Food Quality 4 of 5 Footprints

Dish Size

Dish Size 3 of 5 Footprints


Price 2 of 5 Footprints

Scale: average price per dish
1 = <150 THB
2 = 151 – 350 THB
3 = 351 – 550 THB,
4 = 551 – 1, 000 THB
5 = >1,001 THB 

Map & More

Bangkok Petit Peyton Cafe

Address: 204 – 206 Mahachai Road | Sumranrat Phra-Nakorn, Bangkok 10200, Thailand


Tel : (66) 2 – 221 – 4442

GPS Location: 13.752292, 100.504529


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