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Amazing “Beautiful Bangkok” Display and Light Show

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Beautiful Bangkok 2020

One of Bangkok’s best holiday spectacles is the amazing “Beautiful Bangkok” sound and light show at the Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard building. This is the instalment’s third year and it promises to be the most incredible display yet! The event is put on by the Magnolia Quality Development Corporation in cooperation with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association. “A Blossom of Happiness” is this year’s theme, meant to convey the feeling of receiving your first bouquet of the year.

Bigger and Better than Before

The display is also an attempt by the organizers to one-up themselves from the previous instalments. Visit Malaisirirat, CEO of MQDC puts it this way: “Beautiful Bangkok 2020 is designed to spread happiness and goodwill to all and to strengthen the tourism industry of Bangkok and Thailand. We are investing heavily to make this year’s edition even bigger and more spectacular than ever before and are also creating ‘The Wonder Flower Land’ on the square in front of Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard.”

The Wonderful Flower Land

The “Wonderful Flower Land” is the main addition to this year’s event and is an absolute technical marvel. This is an art installation that looks like a giant gift box outside the building. Inside, it looks like a hall of mirrors with dazzling lights and projected flower displays. Artificial Intelligence drives the projections by interacting with visitors to create the magic of this piece. Additionally, there are touchstones on columns that sense the person’s heart rate and other bio-inputs. And then computerized projectors and sound generators create a display of colours and images all over the space. An individual flower theme for the person touching the stone projects out based on the analysis by the AI. In this case, variations of six flower types are used, tailored to the bio input from the touchstone.


6 Flowers of Personality


Roses are the ultimate expression of love. If the AI senses your emotions like passion or desire, roses will come up as the flower displayed for you. Roses are also a symbol of awe and admiration and the bio-analysis can sense that feeling too.


This means “Golden Shower” and is the national flower of Thailand. The “Ratchaphruek” symbolizes glory and prosperity and the AI can feel if you have this inside you by your touch. This flower will come up if pulses of prosperity are in your touch, but don’t count on winning the lottery!


Orchids mean you are different and special to others. The AI can sense bio inputs that lead it to discover your kindness and then display it.  Subsequently, all the delicacy of form and colour an orchid has fills the room.


This flower is the symbol of religion in Thailand. And it is everywhere in Buddhist temples and ceremonies. Lotus is thought to bring joy and wisdom, and amazing images of this flower will bloom all around if the AI detects this feeling inside you.


This flower symbolizes being thankful and is very likely to be the emotion you feel at the Wonderful Flower World. So, don’t be surprised if the entire exhibit flashes hydrangea everywhere!


Magnolia is the dignified flower of nobility. They are also thought of as symbols of beauty and gentility. White Magnolias mean purity and upper-class status. If this comes up, however, the AI is reading of your personality, not looking at your wallet.

Beautiful Bangkok

The Light Show Technology

The AI in the Wonderful Flower Land is incredible, but the technology used to project images on the building is also unreal. The technique is to use computers to make the light conform to the shape of the structure. So, then the image is cast and the projector beam feeds data back to the computers in milliseconds. Afterwards, adjustments are instantly made and the image appears “normal’ to the human eye. Before, this technology was developed by Japanese filmmakers for special effects. Now the organizers of Beautiful Bangkok use it to project giant pictures of flowers and themed images onto the 60-story building. The sound is the easy part and adds context to the overall effect when it broadcasts with the pictures. The result is an awe-inspiring experience for all visitors.

Beautiful Bangkok 2020 is for Everybody

The organizers have made it easy for all to view the spectacle of Beautiful Bangkok this year. As an example, the light and sound show can be enjoyed from the skywalk between Chit Lom and Siam BTS. And the TAT has provided for a free shuttle bus from Siam to the Magnolias Tower for everyone to come to the Wonderful Flower World too. Bangkok wants this to be for all visitors. The intent is to put Thailand on the map as a worldwide destination of amazing variety. To summarize, the governor of the TAT said it best with this statement: “Bangkok and Thailand have been the preferred destinations globally thanks to our diversity of tourist attractions that appeal to all types of tourists, whatever their lifestyle and interests. ‘Beautiful Bangkok 2020: A Blossom of Happiness’ is another major event with universal appeal and visual richness to further enhance our city’s appeal.”


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