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5 Top Pattaya Restaurants Listed on TripAdvisor

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Isn’t food amazing! Without it, the human race would be extinct. Although we go on holiday to see new places and meet new people, one of the major parts of a vacation is getting to eat out every night. Thailand, and particularly Pattaya, has a top-notch dining scene that you really need to know more about. However, if you watch Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, between all the expletives, blue plasters, salmonella and verbal abuse, there is one thing that the irate chef has taught us… always make sure you choose Pattaya restaurants that come highly recommended by someone who knows what they are talking about.

I really do love dining out, and having lived across many locations in Thailand over the past 12-years, I have sampled some of the finest eateries in the Kingdom. Does that make me an expert? Is a pig’s posterior pork? You betcha life it is! Please take your time to see our guide to dining out in Pattaya that not only offers some great advice about the city’s culinary scene, but also the top-10 Pattaya restaurants that are recommended by TripAdvisor. Yes, collectively, you do know more than me!

Pattaya Restaurants Scene

Did you know that Pattaya has more top-notch international-style restaurants than any other city in Thailand except for Bangkok? Did I say restaurants? I meant brothels! Wait…. No… I did mean restaurants after all. That was for another article. Now we can be sure which meat and veg we are talking about, it doesn’t matter what kind of food you want to sample in Pattaya because the city has it? From Mongolian BBQs and fabulous fine-dining eateries, to down to earth British restaurants, gutsy Italian and French cuisine, endangered species and much more, there are not many cuisine types you can’t find in Pattaya.

From quaint little Thai shack-restaurants where you can find a chicken fried rice for 35 THB to glittering culinary masterpiece style eateries where Fin Clair Oysters are served on a silver platter by dusky maidens for 2,000 THB, and everything in between, the Pattaya restaurant scene literally has something for everyone… even for vegetarians! Mad, right? If god didn’t want us to eat animals, why did he make them meat flavored? It really is a question for the ages.

Using TripAdvisor To Find Pattaya Restaurants

Although I would usually expect that you take my advice as gospel with any deviation from my words resulting in lengthy jail terms, the Junta do not have a ‘restaurant correction’ facility as we speak, so you should be okay. The best way to find you top-notch Pattaya restaurants that guarantee a night of gastronomic excellence is to go with the old tried and tested formula of searching on TripAdvisor. This phenomenal review platform has changed the way we find out things, and in most cases, is a very precise and informative guide to everything.

Although I have tried all the best restaurants in Pattaya at first-hand, here are the top-10 Pattaya restaurants on TripAdvisor with commentary from me, because you always need a smart-arse to make wise cracks along the way.

#5 – Caravan Restaurant Pattaya

If you are looking for your Russian or Eastern European fix in Pattaya, no-one does it like the Caravan. Located on Pattaya Second Road, near to Art in Paradise, come along to try Shashlik or some other Baltic favorites at this classy Pattaya restaurant.

Caravan Restaurant

Phone: +66 91 730 5005

Website: http://www.caravan.asia/

#4 – Indian by Nature

We always get asked where the best Indian restaurant in Pattaya is, and most people, especially on TripAdvisor always say Indian by Nature on Thappraya Road in Jomtien. For the most delicious curries you can imagine, all within a welcoming and authentic Indian themed atmosphere, this is the perfect option.

Indian by Nature

Phone: +66 38 364 656

Website: http://www.indian-by-nature.com/

#3 – LIVV Finest Food & Drinks

This is the only restaurant on the list that isn’t located in downtown Pattaya or Jomtien. Situated on Soi Khao Talo in an area known as East Pattaya on the opposite side of Sukhumvit road, LIVV is known for its stylish and chic euro-style restaurants that merges an elegant café/fine-dining eatery to offer something special. We would recommend the ribs and imported steaks.

LIVV Finest Food & Drinks

Phone: +66 95 984 4208

Website: http://livvpattaya.com/

#2 – Five Star J Vegetarian Restaurant

Known as the best vegetarian restaurant in Pattaya, this quality eatery is situated on the corner of 3rd Road on South Pattaya Road. Mainly offering Asian-style vegetarian food, if you are a vegan or want to eat healthy in Pattaya, this is the ultimate option.

Five-Star J Vegetarian Restaurant

Phone: +66 97 235 4209

Website: http://www.fivestarj.com/

#1 – Cafe des Amis

Known as the Holy Grail of restaurants in Pattaya, Cafe des Amis is a true culinary giant in the city. Serving fine-dining cuisine with phenomenal attention to details, with an amazing assortment of wines from across the world, dozens of different types of gin and some of the most awe-inspiring and authentic Japanese Wagyu steaks that literally melt in the mouth, when you want a dining experience for the ages in Pattaya City, no-one can match this sublime eatery, located behind Thappraya Road in Jomtien in a stylish and elegant atmosphere.

Cafe Des Amis Pattaya

The choice of Pattaya restaurants is pretty impressive. Are you are visiting the city and want to ensure that you can eat in the city’s finest eateries? If so, this is the perfect list.

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