It’s hardly surprising that relations between Myanmar and Thailand are still strained today when you take into account their history. The Burmese and Thais have been fighting with each other as long as the history of Thailand.

It surmised that from 1539 to 1855 that Siam and Burma have collided with each other in two dozen wars. That is some war rate right there. It is no wonder why both nations never have a good word to say about each other.

Presenting the Historical Park

The Nine Armies Battle Historical Park (aka The Nine Army Battle Memorial Park) located on an old battlefield of ancient kings of Siam and Burma in the Kanchanaburi Province in Thailand. The history and the site remain mostly unknown and unchartered terrain for Western historians and travellers, which makes it one of the unique places to visit when discovering off-the-beaten-path sites in Thailand.

It is a legend that the Burmese instigated most of the battles on the lands of the Mon people, today regarded as on the Thai-Burmese border.

The historical park is there to commemorate the great battle that was under the command of King Rama I. He proceeded to save the country against the invading Burmese King Bodawpaya in 1795. It is now more commonly known by Thais as the Sonkram Kai Tap, which breaks down as ‘the Nine-Army Battle’.

The name derived from nine Burmese army units that attacked Thailand from different places where the great battle ensued.

It believed that over 70,000 Burmese soldiers lost their lives in just a few hours amidst the battle. There were an estimated 15,000 Thai soldiers killed, and even a vast majority of the 1,000 war elephants also died in the heat of the fight. It said that corpses littered the fields and waterways turning the river a bloody red.

Over the years calmer heads have prevailed. Since 1949, the wars between Thailand and Burma have come to a halt. But even today, you won’t hear Thai people have much good to say about the Burmese.


The Historical Park Today

Obviously, in this day and age, the historical park is not a battlefield anymore. It has now turned into a park that bestows the ancient history of the region with lots of exciting features for tourists.

You can come to the park, learn about history, find out more info on the battle from the past and go away knowing more than when you arrived.

There are lots of detailed drawings, diagrams, maps and videos that detail the history of the region in graphic detail.

Map & More

The Nine Armies Battle Historical Park

Location: Tambon Chong Sadao, approximately 40 kilometres from Kanchanaburi town on Highway No. 3199.

Opening hours: Daily 8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Contact: Tel. 0 3458 9233-5 ext. 51015

GPS: 14.246483, 99.234254

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