2019 was a great travel year in Thailand for Big Bear and the Bear Travel Team! We toured all over, visiting some of the greatest places in the country and taking amazing photos of everything. Over the holidays, we argued for days over what was the best place and which photos we liked the most. Here are the 19 best pictures of the 19 best places we went to this past year. We encourage you to see some of these, and hope you track our paw prints next year for more fantastic places to go in Thailand!

TBT Presents the year 2019 in 19 Locations and Photos

1. Koh Lipe

What could be better than to start the year in a tropical island paradise, far away from the tourists and cities!

This photo sums up what everybody in the world imagines Thailand is like… The dream comes true in Koh Lipe, on the west coast of Thailand’s the Andaman Sea.

Koh Lipe Andaman Sea

Read our post about Koh Lipe https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/island/koh-lipe-overview-and-guide/

2. Icon Siam

A New Shopping Mall, Bangkok. Close to the Chao Phraya River, and a short shuttle boat ride from Saphan Taksin BTS Station … it has the first and only Apple Store in Thailand and even an indoor floating market!


More about Iconsiam https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/shopping/iconsiam-shopping-mall/

3. Koh Samet

The south tip of Koh Samet … rent and ride an off-road bike to it, and enjoy the timeless beauty of the Gulf of Thailand – on the eastern seaboard, close to Ban Phe, Rayong


Discover Koh Samet with us https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/island/visit-koh-samet-for-a-dream-thai-island-vacation/

4. Phimai

Discover the ancient Khmer ruins in Phimai (close to Korat, aka Nakhorn Ratchasima). Full story https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/historical-park/phimai-historical-park-mesmerizing-ancient-thai-temple/


5. Golden Meadow

Bask in the Countryside at Golden Meadow Nature Park – relax with a walk through the mangrove forests and golden fields of flowers. Explore it with us https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/hidden-gems/bask-in-the-countryside-at-golden-meadow-tung-prong-thong/

golden meadow

6. Bridge over the River Kwai

The Death Railway Bridge over the River Kwai @ Kanchanaburi by night


More about the River Kwai Word war II History https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/western-thailand/river-kwai-bridge-kanchanaburi-world-war-ii-history/

7. Legend Siam @ Pattaya

Visit Thailand’s first cultural theme park just south of Pattaya. 


All about Legend Siam in our blog https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/pattaya-bay-area/legend-siam-pattaya-thailands-first-cultural-theme-park/

8. Jim Thompson Farm

Explore countryside living at the Jim Thompson Farm. Our Tour Infos https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/attraction/discovering-jim-thompson-farm-and-lam-phra-phloeng-dam/

Jim Thompson Farm

9. Hintok River Camp

See more about glamping @ Hintok River Camp and our Hell Fire Pass Tour https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/western-thailand/hintok-river-camp-hellfire-pass/

Hintok River Camp

10. Phra Maha Chedi Chai Mongkol

The Phra Maha Chedi Chai Mongkol (aka Wat Nam Joy) is one of the largest Chedi in Thailand located near the city of Roi Et in Isaan. 

PhraMahaChediChaiMongkol copy

More about Wat Nam Joy in our post https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/attraction/the-beauty-of-phra-maha-chedi-chai-mongkol/

11. Pilok

The remote mountain village of Pilok


See more https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/western-thailand/explore-pilok-villages/

12. Hua Lamphong Railway Station

Visit & discover Hua Lamphong Railway Station… or, start your travel here.

Hua Lamphong Railway Station

More about Hua Lamphong Railway Station in our blog https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/bangkok/hua-lamphong-railway-station/

13. Khao Kitchakut Waterfall

One of the most beautiful and underrated waterfalls in Thailand


Explore the Kitchakut National Park with us https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/eastern-thailand/khao-khitchakut-krathing-waterfall-national-park/

14. Phanom Rung Historical Park

On the trail of the Khmer – Phanom Rung Historical Park.

Phanom Rung

More of our tour https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/historical-park/phanom-rung-historical-park/

15. Bang Kachao

Bangkok’s “green lung”

Bang Kachao

See our Bang Kachao bicycle tour https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/recreation/sightseeing-bang-kachao-on-bicycle/

16. Rayong

Explore Rayon https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/eastern-seaboard/rayong-the-beauty-of-the-eastern-seaboard/ a hidden gem on the eastern seaboard


17. Verona @ Tuplan

Touring with Wild West Flair in Khao Yai https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/theme-park/the-verona-park-thap-lan-national-park/

Verona @ Tublan

18. Lumpini Park, Bangkok

Relaxing at Lumpini Park, Bangkok

Lumpini Park

Discover our Day at Lumpini Park https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/bangkok/enjoying-leisurely-days-at-lumpini-park-bangkok/

19. Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

Bird Watching at Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park 

Khao Sam Roi Yot

or just take a rest https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/national-park/khao-sam-roi-yot-national-park/


And here’s a bonus Number 20 for 2020

20. Krabi Thailand

This is one of the every-year places, great fun for the lone wolf or the whole family. https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/adventure/8-reasons-to-enjoy-a-krabi-holiday-today/


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