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Valentines Day in Thailand (expat experience)

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Valentines Day in Thailand

Valentines Day in Thailand is called “Wan Valentine” in Thai and it is a big day for Thai girls! There are very high expectations, especially if they have a Farang husband, boyfriend, or dating partner. But there is no anxiety for us guys because the land of smiles is the perfect place for romance. The main thing to do is make her feel special on this day with a shower of affection- maybe literally. But don’t just try to make it a day for the bedroom, unlike Christmas, it is the gift(s) that count! Gold will really knock them off their feet, but you would be surprised how far a fuzzy Teddy Bear goes.

What is Valentine’s Day like in Thailand?

Valentine’s Day in Thailand is like in the west, a day of romance, gifts, and excitement. The Land of Smiles becomes the land of hearts and flowers every February 14th, and this year it’s a Friday! Gift-giving is a big thing because Thais don’t have Christmas, so Thai girls expect something special this day. But this doesn’t always mean something expensive, a big stuffed toy is almost as good as a Baht of gold. The other things that also impress are special foods and romantic places, all that is everywhere in Thailand. Valentine’s is also one of the few times you can get away with small public displays of affection. Even more, it is likely the only day Thai girls don’t mind hearing a bit of Thai spoken badly. It is a Farang guy’s chance to try some sweet talk with a bad accent and get a big smile.

5 Things Thai Girls like on Valentine’s Day

1 – Beach Sunsets are always a winner

Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world, and they are all within easy reach from somewhere. Even from Isaan or Chang Mai, you can get to a romantic beach in a couple of hours at a low cost. If you are planning to go to the beach with your Thai partner anyhow, this is the day for it. You can have a secluded getaway, or blend in on the sand where lots of people go. Some of the best places set up tables and decorations, and you can have that romantic dinner right there.

2 – Gifts!

If your Thai girl has been looking in the windows of gold shops, a bracelet of the necklace would be perfect. A gift like this might be in your plans anyhow just like the beach trip, so timing is everything. Thai girls go crazy over a sweet and funny gift too. A big soft animal toy gets rave reviews, and even their friends and family will see how thoughtful you are. However, be cautious if you are thinking about chocolate. This isn’t the sure thing like in the west because often Thai girls don’t like it, and it melts fast. Flowers though are the same classic gift like back home anywhere. Check out our Blog Post Rimpa-Lapin Restaurant, a fabulous place for a Sunset Dinner in the Pattaya Area.

Thailand Gold Gift Valentines Day

3 – A Buddhist Temple visit will work wonders for Valentine’s Day.

Thai girls really like it when you show respect for their culture by asking for a blessing with her. If you are in Bangkok, then the place to go is the Trimurti Shrine at Central World (BTS Chit Lom). This shrine is not blessed with a very romantic setting, but the God of Love is there for you two.  She will be thrilled when you make a traditional offering and say prayers with her for togetherness and love.

4 – Shopping at any market is always a favourite Thai girl activity.

On Valentine’s day, it is the flower market that will make her happy the most. Nearly every marketplace in Thailand will feature special floral arrangements, and many will have western-style bouquets of roses. For example, in Bangkok, the place to go for flower gifts is the Pak Klong Talad market (Sanan Chai MRT). The sheer size and variety there will make here swoon for you. The flowers are just extra good at that point.

5 – Food is probably the only thing Thai girls care about as much as gold.

A unique and different food experience will make her wildly happy. You should take her to a moderately upscale place that makes a nice presentation of everything. She will not be as concerned with the taste this time as normal. She will love you for wanting to take her out somewhere that she can remember for your company and not the food. Heart-shaped rice forms and colourful salads will go over great and then have a creative cocktail or two. 

Valentines Day Thailand Dinner

How to Sweet Talk Her in Thai

Valentine’s Day is the day to tell her you love her, and that translates as “Phum rak Kuhn”. Say this and she will either fall all over you or run away! If she stays, then adding “Tirak” (sometimes written “Tilak”) tells her she is your darling. All this is Pak Wan, or, sweet talk. If you want to quote the old song, Waan Jai is literally “sweetheart”. On this special occasion, you might want to try to say “Suk san Waan walentaay”, to say a happy Valentine’s Day. Faen means loved one, and if you really want to pour sugar on it, Phlawt rak means “in love”. If you are far away, Kit theung terak would be a great Whats App message. She will almost certainly say awwwww with affection, and not “5555” (HaHaHaHa). Jai means heart, and waan jai is another nice sweet nothing to whisper in her ear.

The Best Thing to Do for Your Thai Love on Valentine’s Day

Surprise her. This is no different from love’s big day anywhere. Treat her right and show her that you care more than anybody. The beautiful thing is that they are all relatively easy to please. A little thought goes a long way to making your Thai girl feel good. A sunset, blessing, big fuzzy toy, dinner, flowers, a few sweet words in Thai, will make this day really memorable. Remember that Thais, girls or guys, crave attention, and this is your chance to show Farangs have it for them. Cupid’s arrow will go straight to the heart with your good aim.

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