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The Bear Travel Team is a Team of Expats and Thais who are living and working in Thailand. We enjoy travel, discovering new places, and love the culture and history of Thailand, the ”Land of Smiles”.

The Big Bear

German Expat with more than 15 years of experience in Thailand. He lives in Thailand with his wife and the 2 boys in Pattaya and travels all over the country with them. Big Bear is the company founder, a startup entrepreneur, IT expert and blockchain enthusiast.

Over the course of all his time in Thailand, he experienced the birth of a son, buying real estate, renting condos & service apartments, owning cars, motorbikes and a boat. He has even run landscaping and building projects in the Isaan area near Roi Et. He also has Renovated a House in the Pattaya area and also constructed a tiny house there as an office and guesthouse. Furthermore, he has maintained a residence for many years in Bangkok for work and commutes around the city almost every day with BTS Skytrain and the MRT. By the way, Big Bear has been through the complicated political situations of Thailand’s tumultuous recent history, like the red march in 2008, and still loves the country.

The Little Bear

Little Bear is our Thai lady and co-founder, and 26 years young. She is a user interface designer and professional photographer Furthermore, as a Thai native, her Thai/English language skills have made her a very important and helpful team member. She has played a key role in the office and in the field ever since the company was founded by Big Bear and her.


Has degrees in Government and International Politics from George Mason University in Virginia, USA. He came to Thailand 4 years ago from Washington DC and now lives in Nong Bua Daeng, in Chaiyapoom province. Subsequently, he has immersed himself in Isaan life and the culture of the region. As a result, he has a unique insight into the particular lifestyle of this fascinating area of Thailand.

Robert is a very experienced traveller, amassing more than 3 million airline miles in his lifetime. Incidentally, his first flight was at age 5 on a Boeing 707! Over the course of 20 years working for the US State Department and Department of Defense, he has been to 69 countries. The experience of working in this field has made writing his whole life. His profession involved creating country reports, trip reports, overseas proposals, international contracts, and executive summaries. Above all, this focus shaped a creative ability to communicate issues, facts and “how to’s”, especially regarding travel and culture.

Robert has also by now become an expert in all the nuances of living and travelling in Thailand- the hard way. Visa issues, managing money, hotels, transport, rentals, and the numerous problems and scams all around them. Robert also knows the great things about being in Thailand too. “Thailand is a magical place that draws you in further and further the more you discover about it” Apart from tourist things, he says he has learned much about the culture and society, becoming wise about life here. “It has been a difficult road, I’ve learned a lot about being here, I am ready to pass that on. I want others to know the smart things I did, the mistakes I made. They don’t have to have the same hard road to understand and love this place like I did.”


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