If you are thinking of heading to the Kanchanaburi region to learn more about the history of the area or to soak up the surroundings and visit the cemetery and the Bridge Over the River Kwai, the Hintok River Camp is the ideal place to stay.

The camp is the most visited tented camp in Thailand and enjoys a dreamy location amidst stunning jungle terrain.

The camp located near to the famous Hellfire Pass memorial site, and also the scenic Hellfire Pass trekking trails.

You can relax and unwind in this iconic location situated on a massive cliff overlooking the River Kwai. The scenic views of the Kwai Noi River and the beautiful local villages and temple are something to behold.

The camp is also close to the Saiyok National Park that has some other hidden historical sites from World War II

The Hintok River Camp has an eco-friendly ethos and is home to a wide selection of tents that are located right next to the river, creating an immense back-to-nature feel and are the perfect way to explore the history of Kanchanaburi and World War II.

Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum @ Hintok River Camp

The Hintok Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum is home to lots of information in regards to Hellfire and showcases some of the tools used by the POWs and information regarding the hellish conditions at the time. If you are a history buff and in the region to learn more about World War II, you cannot afford to miss the Hellfire Pass Museum.

Whether you are coming to Thailand especially to explore the region or you are already in Bangkok or Pattaya and want to get away for a couple of days to experience a slice of real Thailand and its history, the Hintok River Camp is a perfect choice.

Hintok River Camp GPS: 14.353566, 98.928622  

Wat Hat Ngio

Beautiful suspension bridge crossing a wide and scenic part of Kwae Noi river to the Wat Hat Ngio temple. Cross by bicycle or foot.


Wat Hat Ngio GPS: 14.339884, 98.9368462  

Hellfire Pass

Hellfire Pass is an area in Kanchanaburi Province that is a 500-meter long railway cutting for the Burma Railway that was known by the Japanese as Konyu Cutting. This part of the railway path was known for its harsh conditions and was an area where a substantial amount of the POWs lost their lives when constructing the railway.

Because the Japanese forces wanted the railway to build in super-quick time, they worked the labourers through the night. To be able to see in the darkness, oil lamps and bamboo fires lit up the way, which dubbed the region as the Hellfire Pass. Some believe it resembled a scene directly from hell.

During the cutting in one of the biggest rocks of the route, sixty-nine men were beaten to death by the Japanese and Korean guards. It took a total of six weeks to make the cutting in some of the harshest conditions known to man.


Hellfire Pass GPS: 14.355392, 98.952544  


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